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A 4 week journey into feeling through self pleasure and self discovery. 

In 4 weeks you will: 

  • Uncover your barriers to feeling

  • Develop a (healthy) self pleasure practice

  • Connect to your life force/Eros/Sexuality

  • Identify your unique gifts and create an offering to put out in the world


All that?? Yep.



We need to get connected to our body to feel all our feelings, to share ourself fully with the world. It is through our PLEASURE, our body, our inner landscape that we

filter our life. 


When we are contracted, shut down and numb, everyday life is a reflection of that. 


To thaw ourselves out we have to learn how to allow ourselves to FEEL. Physically and emotionally.


As we blossom, expand and gain sensitivity, we can absorb all of life around us more fully. 


And when we can absorb life fully we can also SHARE ourselves. Our own unique FLAVOR and unique GIFTS. 


This growth into our fully connected, fully feeling selves is HARD! It takes SUPPORT. 


That’s what this course is for!





You feel numb, stuck, overwhelmed, dull, depressed, frustrated, disconnected.


You want to understand your body or the importance of self pleasure.


You can’t feel anything. Physically or emotionally. 


You don’t know what you’re feeling. Or you have too many feelings to know what to do with them.


You have shame around MASTURBATION, self-pleasure, sexuality or sexual expression.


You don’t know what your unique gifts are. 


You know what your gift is but you’re stuck on putting it out there into the world.




Are you a YES to one of more of these? 

Interested but have questions? Schedule a call with me.


Course Info

Start date March 27th 1 PM PST


Once a week on Friday at 1 PM PST we will have a live 60-90 minute “class” via Zoom. This is a live video conference software and we will be able to interact with one another. 


If you can't join live, the recording will be published to the Facebook group for you to watch on your own.

Weekly self-study will be given out after the class each Friday. 


If you choose the option with coaching, you can schedule two 1/2 hour 1-on-1 meetings after you register for the course. 


In the Facebook group I will also post weekly discussion questions. 


At the end of the 4th week we will have a PRESENTATION DAY where each member of the course will have a chance on Zoom to share their offering that they created and celebrate one another!

Topics by Week

  1. Uncover your barriers to feeling

  2. Develop a (healthy) self pleasure practice

  3. Connect to your life force/Eros/Sexuality

  4. Identify your unique gifts and create an offering to put out in the world



Option 1

  • $99 ONLY for the 4 week course

  • This includes access to the Facebook group, 1 weekly live “class” per week (recorded in case you can’t make it at the usual time).

Option 2

  • $222 for the 4 week course PLUS two 1/2 hour coaching sessions 1 on 1 with me!

  • This includes access to everything above plus two coaching sessions during the 4 weeks


Pick your option when you sign up today!

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