forgiveness and pleasure

What do you see about how your life unfolds? Do you see the direct hand that you have in how it happens for you?

All of us have moments in life of it being exactly like we dream it to be. These moments are what we are taught to savor and are the moments that are “curated” for us as children.

The birthdays holidays travels vacations dates special meals with friends.....all happen quite infrequently.

Why don’t we create every moment to be as amazing as we can imagine it?

What is it about humans (in western culture especially) that our lives are largely passed at a level that is anything less than that?

forgiveness and pleasure


is what we are creating anytime we have a cake to celebrate, or go to a beach to sit in the sun, or hug and kiss the people we love in celebration.

It seems that pleasure for pleasure’s sake has nearly disappeared from the human experience except among the elite. And pleasure is for everyone!

What is it that keeps humans from being masters of creating pleasurable lives? The missing ingredient could be


FORE - give - ness. first - giving - ness

Look at the common mentality about pleasure.... isn’t that something that’s “selfish”?? Not at all. It's something to create for everyone.

Giving first. Giving Freedom, Giving love, Giving pleasure. Giving food. Giving freedom from the past. To ourselves. And to others. To everyone.

All the suffering disappears in giving.

Resentment. Major cause of keeping yourself from Giving First. Fore-Giving.

And all for what? A memory….. of our past, the past that other people were for us, the past of who others were in the past. My friend asked me the other day- where is memory really located in the body? Great question.

What is it that keeps you from giving first?

What is it that keeps you from be-ing a master of pleasure in creating your life?

What is it that keeps you from creating a dream life?

Bring forgiveness and pleasure to yourself and those around you today.

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