Love. Affection, harmony, partnership, mate selection, matching, biochemistry, physiology, electromagnetic field.

Where does our experience of love come from? such are we left to question the origin of our experience of everything in life At the heart of it, experience is our only access to the shared realm where we exist in the world with others.

Yet, as we know- there is always a distance between us. The atoms of our body can actually never truly touch those of another person, There is always going to be an electron gap at the most minute level. At lest with traditional physics (quantum physics is beginning to get beyond this level).

Gap. Our mind can never truly be the mind of another. A thought never the thought of another. An emotion, never the emotion of another.

Ever notice that we seem to float around this planet looking for a person/people to smash into? We are constantly attempting to close the gap. Eliminate the gap. Conversation, communication, sexuality- all attempting to find something to use between ourselves to close the gap.

The biological urge of humans to squish or grasp really hard to cute animals and people has been scientifically proven to be a consistent human behavior. When we find something we like or we love, we try to smash it into ourselves. Close the gap.

A food we really love-smash it into your mouth.

A new book to read- smash it into your eyes and brain.

A cute animal or pet - smash it in a hug.

An exercise regime - smash it into your body.

A person you love and are deeply attracted to - smash your bodies together.

The only time that gap closes is in conception Two cells literally merging and creating this miracle of humanity. It’s really quite something if you think about it. Through those two cells smashing together that is the ONLY way our existence continues.

No wonder we do anything for love.

For the opportunity to find someone we love smashing into. For the chance to have that smashing together be productive and provide that the only way our humanity continues to have another chance to happen.

Unity. Completion. Fulfillment. Wholeness. Does that seem to be our ultimate goal? It seems that if we look at the human needs - air, water, food…. sex is the next one.

Let’s get honest about our biology. Let’s become more like human animals and less like human pictures. Especially you, women. Let’s step into our nature and give up that society gives us our parameters.

smash. What an idea.

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