I believe in miracles.

we go to walk, I know it’’ll be powerful. The ease with which it got set up overpowers me. On the way out, we talk about her plans to go to India to a vipassana course and an intro to Buddhism course. Something stirs in me but I don’t know what. As I am also planning to go to India later in the year. I had also asked if she had any psychics to recommend, she said not really.

On the walk, we reach a lookout over a cliff. I say I desire to go down to the bottom.

At the bottom of a steep path down to the rocks at the bottom of the ravine, we sit to meditate. I get visions of the week ahead, who to share with, where to go.

And she gets a vision of the psychic to send me to; someone who is in a town where I am going to lead in introduction this weekend by chance.

we emerge from the ravine, share a chocolate and keep hiking.

In the car, I see a post saying to “be a rainbow.” I claim that as my new mantra immediately.

The third girl leaves, and we are both disappointed at first. But then we arrive to the cafe. Emerging from the car, I see a rainbow on a sign.

In the cafe we turn immediately to India in the conversation. I show her my map, we talk about a place for dance. Then I curiously see another dot I don’t recall marking myself.

It happens to be the very place she is going for vipassana. Where the Dali Lama is.

Then I find out the calendar date of the start of the course is July 1. I tell her that I will commit today to going those days and inform my work. I’ll go to India in July not September. It feels so right.

I go to the calendar and there on July 1, I already have an event for the month of July called “”Go to India.”” I don’t remember creating that either!


I leave and as I drive up the hill, I get pulled over by police for speeding. They take my license, he asks me about my address. As I search the map, I feel something shifting. He comes back and asks me about when and where I am living. He gets my transient nature and he says I will get a warning only for today. I have a sense as he leans on the exact point where my car mirror is missing without noticing, that he is in some kind of trance. I thank him, ask his name, and I am off.

I call Catherine the psychic immediately, knowing she is the next one to call. She confirms, asks what I am looking for, she says clarity, I say a listening more powerful than my own.

A message comes through confirming her address. She says look for the sign for the “rainbow connection.”

I believe in miracles.

#miracles #India #travel #perfection #synchronicity #alignment #love #livelove

#india #miracles #travel #perfection #synchronicity #alignment #rainbows

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