What I have been learning lately

This morning, I did a bunch of healing anger from when I was a teenager. I owned not feeling a sense of freedom and autonomy that I desired in my life and all around me and how I held that frustration inside.

I discovered that I had a bunch of shame and embarrassment from the times my friends who were over 18 saw me get in trouble or saw that I wasn’t free the same way as them before I turned 18.

I realized that when a guy I really loved and liked didn’t want to keep seeing me because of my age being under 18 I was super hurt and frustrated. In life up to that I had always found a way to “get someone to like me.” Manipulation, being inauthentic, changing something about myself all of those were ways I would shift so I could have the people around me that I wanted....

Or so I thought.

What has grown from that for me is the ability to accept that some people I want to be in my life will be in it. And some won’t. And that the illusion of being able to shift/change/morph something to keep or have them there is simply that. An illusion.

There is NO WAY that I would ever want to be anything different than my authentic, fully expressed loving self in any moment.


This is all being discovered through ancient ritual practices I have been utilizing. It’s been powerful and super effective.

The next workshop I have coming up in December with Mikaal Bates will delve deeper into these tools. Join us! Link on my Liv Love Facebook or: https://www.facebook.com/events/716395328726764/

All my love.

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