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Nomadic. Period.

I'm nomadic. Period.

Yes, as in traveling, no permanent abode, on the road, no living agreement anywhere.

People try to give it other labels: backpacking across the country, traveling for a while, searching for herself, a time of exploration.

But those really aren't the case. In my world, this just IS what IS! I don't currently have a plan to live in one place for an extended period of time. I may, and I'm not opposed to it, but currently I don't have any plans that look like that! What I do have is a purple duffle filled with the clothes I wear most often, a car with my biking supplies, 2 bikes, winter clothes, excess toiletries and a bag of spices and condiments. And in a closet in Indiana there is a tote of books and shoes, a food processor and more winter clothes.

I've been looking at the story that those items are "for when I settle down somewhere," and I am really questioning if that's true or not. This way of living is so free and real for me and my soul.

Most common questions: Is it hard? Is it scary? Is it just because you can't pay rent?

Answers: Sometimes. Not at all. Absolutely not.

More on this:

  • It's hard in terms of the inconsistent pieces like where to go to the grocery or what kind of kitchen supplies are available where I am. It's hard to say hello and goodbye to all the people I see when I love them all. It's hard to plan long term but simple because I don't feel the need to!

  • I have a high tolerance for fear as it exists in the physical world. I don't fear being harmed by others, certain animals or bugs, being alone, being with people or even dying. So this trip is just as "scary" as living in one place! My fears come up like "what if I'm not enough? What if I'm not ready? What if I'm not liked?" My fears are all in my stories. I confront those everywhere I go. I love this: who is there when you're happy? You. Who is there when you're sad? You. Who is there when you're afraid? You. We are always every where we go. No place is any "scarier" for me than another.

  • I definitely could and can pay rent. I don't think I could pay rent and pay for travel at the rate I do right now though at least not with my current living expenses and income. So I essentially traded rent for living expenses on the road! Gas, Airbnb, gifts and sharing with the people I stay with. All thanks to my job with Tealix and Jon Earley. This job gives me total freedom. Thank you Jon, for giving me access to real life.

This is exactly what I hoped for last summer. A secret dream inside myself has now blossomed into reality. The dreaming continues, and is what perpetually keeps life flowing. I am so thankful to have lived into a structure of the river of life that allows the flow of the next dreams to come.

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