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Life on the Fly

"So how does this whole nomadic life thing work?" That's what someone asked me yesterday. My reply? "Great question!"

Yesterday at this time I didn't have any of my current travel sorted out yet. That is enough to give many people a mild sense of heart attack, or at least a lot of discomfort. There are fears and thoughts about money and time and how to get those things sorted. There are concerns of what the day will look like when you are constantly on the road. There are thoughts about what to do on a day where there is such ambiguity.

And it's exhilarating. And it seems to really always work out. For example, both my friend Jon and I got last minute tickets out of the Philippines, in the face of armed guards saying no way:

So let me walk you through the actuality my world at the moment:

- A few weeks ago I signed up for a Landmark workshop to take place in Chicago on July 22, called Self Expression and Leadership

- I knew I would need to be back in the US by the end of the day July 21 to make it.

- two days ago I asked my friend Bella, an American airlines flight attendant, to book my buddy pass from Shanghai to Chicago tomorrow, July 21

- she got the ticket booked, and also booked me a backup ticket from Beijiing to Chicago as plan B

- I purchased a ticket from Bangkok to Shanghai

- today the flight was oversold because of other cancellations, so I got bumped off!- tried to book another buddy pass with her friend through Delta on the same route

- Realized the Delta Flight was going to leave Shanghai before I would arrive there, so that wouldn't work!

- arrived to airport and checked in for Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur to get out of Thailand

- jumped on Google flights in the airport and booked a ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on the spot!

- currently I am waiting in the Kuala Lumpur airport on the flight to Beijing to take off...and it is delayed at the moment.

Like I mentioned, of course there are concerns and fears that come up. But the overwhelming sense is of well-being and just being in the moment of all these events. For example, a stranger on the same bench as me in the airport in Bangkok started a conversation and then accompanied me for a few hours, carrying my bag, helping me explore the crazy Thai phone card system and navigate customs. Not to mention being handsome and romantic all the while. I am so provided for!

Stay tuned to find out about how I will make back to the US in time for the Saturday workshop. Can't wait to see how life works this one out! This is what life on the fly feels and looks like. And I love it.


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