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Letting go. Not holding. Having nothing to hold to.

For me, real freedom is the ability to go anywhere at anytime and do anything under any circumstances.

I have been attempting to create that since day 1. At 8 months old, I climbed over the baby gate to get out to the kitchen where my mom was. That didn’t work out too well. At 15 I took a greyhound bus from Indiana to California, not telling anyone where I was going. That also didn’t work out too well as could be imagined.

Finally last year, I put everything in the car in Ohio, and set out for the road. Then I put some things in a purple duffle bag and took a plane to China, then Philippines, then Thailand. Then finally, I took that duffle bag on another plane to Australia.

And found a place to build and really get free. Here I have been creating jobs, friendships, relationships, commitments that lend themselves to my above guideline.

A key to point out is that the external freedom structures I am creating are actually a reflection of the mental/emotional/spiritual freedom structures I have created.

The journey over the past year to really know myself deeper and in an expanded way have given me the insights about why the external world and the feeble attempts at freedom in the past haven’t worked.

I can see that being doubtful of myself, overly analytical, afraid to express and ashamed of who I am all were barriers. The real walls I had constructed in my life.

After finding them, with much time, conversation and practice, now I tear them down. One by one. Peeling them back. Clearing out the dust.

And getting clear.

This morning I walked out of yoga to this view! Freedom, hello, there you are!


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