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What is it that I want

I want freedom, to not have to worry at any moment. To not be late to events, to calls. To remember all the people I have to call and all the things I have to do in the world. I want to be free to roam and explore and grow with others and on my own.

I want to take up in a beautiful location for the rest of my life every day.

I want amazing men who I desire and who desire me and who I can connect with without anything in the way in my life. I want to share and grow with them. I want to give myself away and not be afraid to do it.

I want amazing women around me at all times. Who shock and inspire me and who speak the truth to me at all times no matter how hard it is to hear.

I want to go to India, Nepal, Tibet, Egypt, Israel, Madagascar, Ghana, Zimbabwe. I want the freedom to do all that.

I want to have housing at all times where I am totally free to be me. I want to be respected and cared for. To be free to do any action at any time without being watched. And I also want to be seen. In intimacy - into me see. I want to give my touch, my love, my heart away to everyone. To play and grow and thrive and bloom.

I want to be free to make up at any time I want. And go anywhere I want at any time. To be loved and to love anyone I dream of. I want all that this life has to offer.

I want to be thin and fit and to stay that way. I want to enjoy food that calls to me at any time. I want to give away food, money, housing to anyone around me.

I want all people to have the true knowing that they can be exactly as they are at all times around me. I want all people to create a life they love. To be free of the past. To be moved and moveable and vulnerable. I want to be in communication and to be loving and caring and in love with all the people in my life. I want to be a source of motivation, inspiration, and desire in the world.

I want everyone to know that I come from Love. In all that I do. Whether you understand it or not. I come from love. I am love.

I forgive you, please forgive me too. I am yours. And you are mine. Let’s go forth into this beautiful world we have before us now. In love.


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