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What conversation do you resist and with whom? What part of your body do you resist and why? What's the story?

What about when there is no longer a choice to resist? If we get rid of that choose for ourselves or if we have no option any longer due to our circumstances.

In Body Presentations sharing about your body in a very natural and honest way is a great place to put your option for resistance out of the way. You literally get to just leave that behind you. It's like loosing your keys. There is just no driving the car anymore.

Getting to experience that kind of simplicity really clears things up for people. Creates space for that to happen in the future. Shows us we can give up resistance. That it's our choice.

People experience letting go of resisting parts of our bodies or experiences like having too much body fat in a certain area. The seeing feeling and honesty that are required naturally wipe resistance clean.

Wether it's resistance or struggle or happiness or love, it's up to us to create our experience.

It's all the perfect place to be. Just consider what could be possible if you give up some resistance right now. And then choose wisely.


Keeping myself small.

Complaints about money.

Not letting myself earn the amount I desire.

All of it a form or resistance.

Anytime there is less than flow.


Look for it.

It's a treasure hunt.

I find it then I let it go.


go into a new yoga posture.

get paid.

experience ease.

talk to a new connection on the phone.

kiss a new person.

From finding the resistance and releasing.

I am unblocked, free, clear, flowing.


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