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Body presentations: An interview with Allyssa Milán

Body presentations. What does that phrase bring to mind?

I've found people to have all kinds of guesses, reactions, nervous feelings, and more arise at just the term. In this conversation with Allyssa we go into the benefits, experience, and whats possible after doing body presentations.

Just what is a body presentation?

Think of taking your prize sheep to the fair, all its parts are accounted for nose to tail (head to toe). You speak about the scar on its ear, the curvature of the muscles, the digestion of the animal. And at the end you have an honest, comprehensive sense of the state of the animal inside and out, a bit of the history of his life, and can really grasp who that animal is and where its place is in the world.

That’s essentially what a body presentation is, except that its between two or more humans, and it’s a conversation.

I experienced this for the first time last March, when I did a body presentation with a small group, led by my now very dear friend Ed Epperson, in his living room in Austin, Texas.

After speaking with my friend a few weeks prior about his doing a body presentation, and hearing the amazing sense of freedom he discovered, not only in his body but in many other areas of life, I immediately asked him to take me to Ed.

Instantly, in the same day I felt myself expanding, having breakthroughs. I met several new people, and realized I could be open to dating again after feeling quite closed to the idea since I had left my marriage a few months prior. I found myself walking taller on the street, holding eye contact with people longer. I left feeling more beautiful than I had ever experience before, but nothing physically had changed.

And all this happened even in light of that prior to the body presentation, I felt no conscious barriers or shame about my body, felt quite comfortable skinny dipping, being naked, etc.

It was access to discover areas that were blind to me, things I didn’t know I didn’t know.

Learn more from this conversation with Allyssa, and seriously - contact me if you’re interested in this kind of growth! I can set up something virtually with you, arrange to me, or connect you with someone I know in your area who does this practice.

Let’s discover what a shameless world could be like together.


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