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Burning Man Level 2

Experientially and spiritually it was revolutionary. I learned about the true joy in working in groups. Doing dishes for four hours one day without any resentment. Feeling that I am part of something bigger. Having a woman bring me a glass of water, people offer me smoothies, bacon, all kinds of love while I was being of service. That’s the kind of world I’m committed to being in.

Attending many workshops about sacred sexuality. Seeing and participating in several self pleasure circles about expanding my sense of self and understanding of my own ability for pleasure. Getting the normalcy in that interaction and seeing others in their intimacy. .

Dancing like crazy every day. Letting go the boundaries of what is ok and what is not. Feeling that I could dance with anyone experienced or novice without having to make comparisons. Feeling myself release shame, trauma, guilt, pouring it into the dance floor. Engaging with men and women in my full power.

Meeting my male counterpart in the work I do with sexuality. A man who coaches women in expressing themselves and unlocking body and energetic blockages and works with men in embodying the masculine fully. Stunned to find someone so capable of holding that same kind of space that I do. In awe of what the masculine is. Left with “this is a man.”

Expanding my capacity to love in the ways of sharing hugs, kisses and touch without sexuality coming in. Giving an abundance of all of this daily to people I met along the way and to the support network from my camp. What a beautiful group of people. Falling in love again and again.

Crying daily. So many tears. That so easily rolled out. The barrier to that kind of free sharing of tears seems to come up in the outside world at times. Not making it wrong. Just being aware and ready for it to happen anywhere. .

Telepathy and manifestation being a regular felt experience. Wanting to see people, sending where they are, and going straight to them and meeting them there. Bikes, meals, water all appearing at the moment when desired. Listening for where I am to go and falling into the exact conversations needed to happen at those moments. #burningman2018


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