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It’s my word for 2019. The importance of pleasure is one of the fundamental truths that’s is hidden (and at times blatantly shared) in the spiritual books. It’s crucial as an indicator of our heart being aligned with our body. I can eat the most beautiful looking food but not feel anything if it’s not the quality that my body wants inside. On the other hand sip a disgusting looking green smoothie and I’m covered in chills from head to toe for my body is in wonder of the goodness. It’s similar in life. I’m using this pleasure guide to take me around the world. To bring me business opportunities. To say yes and, more importantly, no to invitations. Pleasure is a deep feeling that can result in so many beautiful physical cues. For me it’s warmth in my belly/pussy, tingles or chills, smiling or laughing spontaneously, a deep breath, shivers or small body shakes, to name a few. Pleasure is so often associated only with our genitalia. She is waaaaayyy beyond that. So my word this year is pleasure. How to include it in my life more and more. How to share it with others. How to trust her to guide me. Enter Freya, my online erotic personality. Freya is a queen of pleasure for me. She taught me about languidly enjoying a bubble tea on a Tuesday afternoon. She taught me about wearing silk and velvet and lace. She taught me about wearing makeup and alll the pleasure that dictates and comes from these activities. And at the start of this new year, she is uniting with Liv Love now. Check out Instagram for more HERE It’s time. It’s all me. Both pieces. And I’m here owning my erotic side and ready to share her as a facet of my unified self. I will be posting more pictures along the lines of what is on Freya’s account. So be ready for that. Who I Am is present in my erotic nature for freedom, creative force and love. I am here to provide you freedom creativity and love.  


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