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This week I lost my phone for a few days. What I realized was that even as little as I think that use my phone, it holds so much of my attention! In the empty moments and the moments without anything to do, the automatic pull is to grab my phone and send that message to that person, write that note, record those thoughts. But without that option for a few days, I got to practice my humaning in the world. I got to see people around me and play with the world a lot more. Got to ask strangers for rides, and share moments with people on the train and the plane that I definitely wouldn’t have otherwise. I walked around with my hands free. Available. I slept more, felt calmer, felt free. I bought a replacement phone that is older than the other one. It’s less shiny. Less engaging. It’s been great as well. How can you disengage a bit? How can you let go of the compulsion to check the phone. What can you give the people around you with this presence? 


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