Hut in the water

From the bench in the Mexican restaurant I was googling “huts in the water.” Just mere weeks later I’m now preparing to take off for a week in one of these beautiful buildings which I found out are actually called overwater bungalows. My love is the powerful co creator of this magical experience. As I prepare to go on the trip it’s a big chapter wrapping and beginning. My sublet in NYC is ending as I prepare to leave for this trip. So all my things (a roller bag and some coats on hangars) have made their way to storage. The things I want to bring are waiting in my carry-on bag. Got a message yesterday morning during my meditation to trust that this is right. But big transitions are happening and that something even better than I can imagine right now it’s coming. I sent my manuscript back to my editor last night. Another big step and chapter closer/opener. The first time I submitted my manuscript was right before I went to burning man last year. Feeling a similar momentous level of transformation awaiting me around the corner. The main lesson with this whole trip to the hot and the water is to learn how to relax. Or to realize that I have learned how to relax to be more accurate :-) with a partner this morning he was really challenged by having opportunities in life that are allowing him to relax and feeling like he didn’t know how. So grateful that I taught myself that skill last year. We don’t often think of relaxation as a skill. Maybe a capacity is a better word for it. But it’s definitely something that I think we have to learn and develop. Not many of us are born taught. You can expect me to miss a week on the blog and I may be gone from social media as well :-)