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Healing with MDMA

I had over 10 years being totally sober. Not even consuming alcohol at a level that was altering. I was scared of substances and supplements that altered my state. It was based on having trauma involved in some of my last experiences before making the change. Before I went “sober” I had smoked weeks regularly for about two years and experimented with everything from traditional ecstasy, mushrooms to LSD. Slowly over the last year or so I began to open up again. I tried magic mushrooms again. They were so good to me. The experiences I had were very spiritual. I began to trust that these supplements could be helpful to me. When my partner suggested we do a healing MDMA journey I still had a lot of fear. But I trusted his guidance. And here is what I have found: MDMA is not the same as ecstasy. It’s possible to buy very high-grade high-quality product and a testing kit to verify what you’re buying. Also get a kitchen scale to weigh your supplements. 

Also we follow the MAPS protocol, so we know how much is safe to take and what necessary additional supplements to include. But more importantly.... MDMA has helped me to face so many fears I couldn’t normally process on my own. It’s opened me to receive love. It’s shown me parts of my heart and of life that I didn’t have access to before.  It helped me to integrate and heal from being raped as a teenager. It gave me the courage to face this experience and process it and feel all my feelings around it. It helped to show me all of my fears and blockages around love and commitment and I attribute this healing to the fact that I’m now engaged to be married. It’s gentle when used properly. It’s immensely healing. If you’re curious about this yourself, I invite you to join my partner and I for a couples healing medicine retreat next year. You can find more info on my Facebook, or email me! (Photo by Mary Parks, my mom, She does not promote or condone the messaging above, but says she supports my journey of healing.) 


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