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🖤🪐Hungry for realness 🪐🖤

lately as I’ve been scrolling on social media I find myself hungry for realness. It’s hard to see what my “real meter” is. But it seems clear that I am somehow feeling dissatisfied with the depth of the potency or the aliveness and I’m seeing across the board. From ME as well!

what’s interesting is that I don’t exclude myself from this at all! I’m hungry for more realness for myself as well.

i’m hungry for real Art. Real expression. Some thing that wakes me up. I’m hungry for reminders of what I AM.

hungry for reminders that it’s real that anything is possible! I’m hungry to feel alive and like what I’m doing in life matters and is creating the reality in the world I believe in. Our return to heaven on earth.

when I sit with this it all comes back to CREATION. And creation simply for the sake of being creators! For the joy that comes with creation!

I am reconnecting to this energy of life, as my mom said to me today “I love how you are in love with LIFE.” She’s right.

I am reconnecting to my love of creating😇 art especially.

I am reconnecting to the reality of my angelic nature. My TRUE nature. My intuitive infinite nature.

Amen. 📸



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