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The Ultimate Free fall

The last two weeks have held a massive amount of change. The ultimate free fall into a new life that is itself temporary. These photos summarize what’s unfolded for me in the last two weeks.

I received the positive pregnancy, test results, packed my most favorite belongings in two large suitcases, rearranged my flights to travel back to Australia two weeks earlier. Packed up my house to be available to rent for the indefinite future. Hosted my last two events of series of classes I was putting on in Austin, said goodbye to my beloved community I had built over 6 years in ATX. Cried so many tears of love.

arriving in Australia, I went from living alone in a three bedroom house to living with and sharing a house with four men! I don’t have a car here. I have a beautiful electric bike that I purchased a few days after landing.

The priorities became things like making sure there was a good dryer so I could do laundry with ease, learning the best grocery stores and what cafe is pleasant to work in. Navigating morning sickness.

Reflecting yesterday with Daniel after going to my first Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythmsclass here in Sydney, it was the first thing in two weeks that felt familiar!

literally, every aspect of my life is different in a radical way! So much of what I left behind was the “ideal life” I could imagine up to that point, and so much of what I have created now is not what my personal preference would dictate!

When I say “I know” It’s from a place deep in my heart. And what I know is that I am following my soul when it feels this way. I know times of letting everything go are required to allow the next even more beautiful version of life to emerge. I know this is all preparation for the journey ahead at Highden Temple this September. I know this is the journey of becoming a mother and shedding the maiden.

i’m so grateful to feel so loved, and to not be on this journey alone. The journey of becoming a parent is a death that we do not go through alone. Walking this path with @dan_gaut is such a gift. His willingness to face all this change and unknown, and his readiness for it humbles me again and again.

I fully accept and receive this time as it is!


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