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There is no going back.

It’s actually never possible. Even when we arrive to a city or a house where we think we have been before we haven’t gone back. We have gone to a place that we have seen before versus a place we have not. We often say we go back when we go to a place we have seen. 

But going back... it’s a lie. What’s lost so often is that the “Self” that arrives is critically different every time

I have refrained from posting for the past 6 to 7 weeks while I participated in a mystery school temple training deep dive. It’s been amazing to use every drop of every cell of my being for the purpose of serving soul unity. 

Reflecting on this experience and sharing moments or experiences feels trite because I felt every emotion I’ve ever felt and more. Explored realms of consciousness cosmos and love like never before. Worked to build building a community of beloveds. It was everything. And nothing. 

The only thing that seems to be have any importance to share with you right now is what I’m committed to at this stage at this moment, today.

I have deeply truly and in a whole new way, surrendered control of whatever it is that I think is “my life.” I have committed to engage in an experiment through 2025 to see what it means to live following a soul call with a group. I will not take any actions which do not serve this mission of serving LOVE and landing the worlds temples where soul initiation can happen.

I’m reminiscent of “come to Jesus moments”, of the flavors that this type of commitment and surrender shares with experiences that I’ve felt in the past.

But I want to be clear. There is NOTHING familiar or known about this commitment. About this moment where I am now.

I committed and wed my soul to the world’s soul and there’s a piece of that in each of you. I’m here for and with you.

I also committed this whole being yet again to the service of dark love. The love that is at the center of the universe. Hence the new script front and center on the chest of this being. 

May I not forget. 

A permanent reminder in each moment of love. 

I’m on board the train that is serving this mission of landing temples, following the call of the universe and commitment to love. I can’t wait to see where it goes, to be surprised by how it turned out, day by day, moment by moment.

I love you.



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