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We are Pregnant!

I am so humbled and very excited to begin to share some of this magical story about how life has taken a quantum leap over the last few months. I also knew that I needed to make this announcement so I can be in full freedom to share online.

If you haven’t met him yet, it’s a pleasure to introduce you to Daniel Gaut, the Angel of a man I am privileged to be partnering and coparenting with. He and I consciously chose to partner, and very shortly there after we were divinely guided to conceive! I feel so blessed to be on this journey, with such a diverse, aware, gift of a man.

It’s such an honor to be bringing life in a human form into this world! Eventually I’ll share a fuller conception story, but for now, we were guided by this soul (or souls? Feel it could be 2?) to conceive after I spontaneously ovulated a second time in a cycle. I know when this soul/souls came to be with me and it has been with me for several months prior to conceiving. It/they has been orchestrating the events of life and I feel honored to be in co creation and receiving their guidance.

This whole journey is a massive surrendering to life, and what life wants to create an express through me! I’ve known that partnership and family were part of my path, and truly at the center of my dharma for many years now. But I had my focus elsewhere. I’m grateful to be redirected to this TRUTH and be undergoing the complete reformation that is required at this time!

We will be living in Australia, where the baby/babies want to be born and we pray for the ripple of this blessing to radiate into your life as you read this today.


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