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A six week journey to unleash your erotic artistic expression

Learn to follow your erotic impulse and utilize this energy to create! 

Now Available as a self study course


I know about you. The artist waiting to break free. The one waiting to share her juice with the world. The one who’s penetration paints murals with every stroke. Who can sculpt the world with your gaze or sigh.


You know who you are. 


What parts of you are still in the closet? 


What would it be like to fully unleash your sexual artist?


I still remember my first erotic photo shoot (pics in the post with the purple robe). I remember the joy and the liberation. The feeling inside me of some parts saying “finally! At last! I was waiting for you to let me out to play!” 


Such fulfillment. Such satisfaction. In claiming the part of me that wanted to express how much I live to 



I want to see this part of you unleashed and free and fully expressed.

A gathering place, and a journey is forming for you.

A path to unlock, to attune to and to uncloset your artist.

To find your own expression of your love to
fuck like an artist.

There were many steps along the way before my first erotic photo shoot happened. I had to get in touch with my deep core expression. I had to face the shame that was keeping me small. The fear that clouded my creative flow. I had to discover outlets for my expression.


The modeling work has just been one fun outlet I found for my artist :-) there are many. And I continue to explore new avenues to express this special type of artistic urge. 


If you long to be fully in touch with your part of you that loves to 



Then this is for you.


In this program you will be taken on a guided journey through the following topics:

  • Freedom from shame 

  • Core erotic themes and expressions

  • Your Erotic Blueprint

  • Visibility and Boundaries

  • Sharing your work - outlets/avenues and platforms 

  • Increasing your reach - collaboration and advertising


In the platform there is a weekly transmission/class, and embodiment as well as communication practices to put in place for your transformation and growth.

You can go through this program as fast or as slow as you like! While you walk or do the dishes or workout even!


This is a very self guided transformational journey where you also have my full devotional support. I am available to answer your questions at any time. 



This is a $499 program when paid in full. Payment link is below for PayPal or Card. Need a payment plan? Email me!


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Enjoy this mental feast here... and if that doesn't do it, please book a call below so we can discuss!

What you get 

  • 10-15 minute weekly videos

  • PDF of additional info

  • Follow up resources

  • Weekly assignments/action items/homework

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