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What can you expect to experience working with me?


Watch and read these experiences that my coaching clients and tantric bodywork clients share. Where do you resonate? 

When you're ready...

"Olivia has played a very important role in my journey to bring every aspect of my life into alignment with my spiritual values. Olivia sets a wide open space for me to express myself - allowing me to put voice to things that largely have only been uttered half-consciously in my head. She also offers unflinchingly honest feedback, laser-like insight and concrete suggestions about ways to return to my true self. As I explore the world of sensuality, Olivia acts as an important tether - making sure I never retreat into myself or float off into space! I am deeply grateful for her generous and wise counsel." 


- Coaching client, 30’s male body human, New York


"In working with Olivia:

1. I began my spiritual journey and took in the importance of spirituality. 

2. I understood that connecting with my pleasure and satisfaction is a guide in life. 

3. I released resentment I held towards my mom, which was instrumental in starting on the path of improving our relationship."


- Coaching client, 20’s female body human, Boston



"I did a tantric somatic healing session with Olivia.  Olivia helped me feel comfortable and safe from the very beginning of the session. The work she is doing is powerful and needed. She is a courageous space holder and boldly stepping into territories of healing that others shy away from or ignore completely.  

During our first session, I found myself in tears and was blown away by how much emotion was coming up for me.  She skillfully followed where my emotions were traveling in my body and gave me tools to help me navigate through the experience in order that the emotions could move through me.  She gave me valuable strategies that I can take home to enhance my personal practices.

Olivia is attentive, present, honest, compassionate and deeply committed to this work.  I would highly recommend doing a session with Liv if you’re looking to tap into what is real, raw and true within you."

Tantric bodywork client, 40’s male body human, New York


"From working with Olivia, I gained better erections, longer endurance, and more confidence, which eliminated my problem with PE. Her techniques also helped me gain 1 inch in girth (which she commented on 😎)."


- Tantric bodywork client, 30’s male body human, Los Angeles


"Probably the most amazing person I have met. Calm personality, very intelligent , pleasant to speak to and knows exactly what to do.  My sessions with her have been an eye opener for me and I have learnt a lot from her in-depth knowledge and experience. She is able to bring out the best and one feels rejuvenated and like a new person upon completion of the session."

- Tantric bodywork client, 50’s male body human, New York



"Working with Olivia changed my life. When I came to her I was newly divorced, my self-esteem was shot, and I was literally scared of the idea of intimacy. My goals were to feel arousal again, feel sexy, and enjoy sex with a partner. I got so much more than that.


Olivia brought me to the root cause which was my detachment from my femininity. By unlocking that piece, great recommended reading, dedicated counseling time together and homework assignments I found myself and my sex again. I can not recommend her more highly. She believed in me when I thought I was broken and I will forever be grateful for her gentleness and steadfast dedication to myself, herself and the service she is bringing to the world."

- Tantric bodywork and Coaching client, 20’s female body human, Texas

"Liv is kind, sensitive, whip-smart and a great listener.  She also has a passion for living life to its fullest—and is eager to share that passion with her clients.  During our sessions, she really helped me to feel grounded in my body, and to tune into the sensations of the present moment.  On top of that, she is super sexy and so fun to spend time with!"

- Tantric bodywork client, 50’s male body human, New York

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