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Magic of Manifestation

Manifestation. That word comes with a whole context of "woo-woo fairy dust things that people talk about but no one understands."I would challenge you to look at how things actually do manifest in your life and it is a minimally woo - woo process. Rather it is the space of imagination and openness that allows things to go from an idea in our mind to reality or physically instantiating around us. I would argue that we regularly experience the transmutation from desire to physicality.

City planning, cooking, exercising, all these things start as an idea, a desire and become a physical concept in the world. It is just much less focused on that we can manifest a daily life experience that is of our desire into physicality. And there are tools we can use to create and manifest a way of living.

What I know is that I wrote down that I would no longer work in an office. I wrote down that I would go to visit Australia, that I would be able to travel freely, that I would be and live healthfully. And those things are now happening in the physical world.

The journal above has carried all these desires from paper until they became physical. Magic. This actual journal itself manifested for me. I was heading to buy this exact journal at the store after work one day and on the way out of my office, my co-worker Amy gave this to me because "she had an extra sample from a printer." Magic.

When you realize there is really, just really nothing to fear, then writing thoughts down is just writing them down. And somehow once they get invigorated by the ink and the fiber, the magic starts to happen.

Whispers. I often get whispers or sometimes even commands that say things like oh just turn down this street instead of the next one. Or, give that person the compliment you were thinking. Or hey, get up and go look at that paper on the wall of the coffee shop right now. And when I hear those and also obey those, the magic starts to happen.

I once found a whole apartment bedroom of furniture this way. I put down the thought that I would like to have a furnished room. I went to see a place that was an amazing deal but it didn't come with furniture. I was ready to move in with nothing there. Then the previous tenant offered me her bed. Then on moving day I got a whisper to turn down a side road. And there was a huge shelf and a desk just waiting for me. I flagged down someone with a truck and they agreed to deliver the furniture for me. And the next thing I knew, I had a fully furnished room.

It was much longer in the works to get out of an office. For a long time I felt I couldn't even possibly see what it would look like to live in a whole new world with the ability to create and transport myself wherever I would like. As I really started to realize there was nothing for me to fear, no conversation, no encounter, no lack, no limitation, I took actions that were new. Like approaching my then boss and expressing a desire to work less. Like agreeing to take trips that at the moment in time I committed to them I didn't have the money for, but lived into a future where I could afford it! This was my experience when I paid to register myself for the Landmark Forum . And then the Landmark Advanced Course.

And there I started to look at my ways of being in the world. And got really honest about who I was and what I would create if I made a life I was excited about living and that I actually wrote. I acknowledged that I have ways of being that I want to push people away. That many of my actions are actually trying to say "leave me alone, don't tell me I'm wrong." And being able to hear myself and really see myself for what I am and what I'm not allowed me to stop making myself wrong. To stop feeling the need to punish myself. To start really encouraging myself and rooting for myself and standing for the desires of my heart. And the desires of the hearts of those around me.

To travel the world without boundaries is a dream come true for me. Looking from the eyes of a curious four year old in Indiana, it seems so obvious...of course this is how life was meant for me.!

Try this on: "who is the me that is taking this body around wherever I go?" That you that you find? Well start to talk with her. Ask her what she's afraid of. Of who she would be if she could be anything? Of her hearts deep desires? Of the people around her? Of the dark unknown depths of her mind and the minds of others? Listen to her. And then really start to create with her that none of that is to fear. That she is powerful and free and capable.

And then write down her desires in life. Wrote down what life would be like, look like, feel like, smell like, if she had those desires. What would open up for her?

Then listen. The voice doesn't pretend. Listen to it. Magic happens.


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