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Working from Anywhere, the Journey

Last summer at this time I was on a plane reading 4-Hour Workweek and at the time I so badly wanted a life where I could travel and work from anywhere. And that I had NO idea how to make that possible! I didn't have my own idea that seemed feasible for launching a business or a product.

Fast-forward one year and I am in Southeast Asia, running a web-design company, and can do that from anywhere!

All thanks go to Jon Earley for entrusting me with the reigns of Tealix Design. Jon started Tealix 7 years ago a few months after reading 4-Hour Workweek and quitting his job. He has been growing the business since then, through amazing inspiration and dedication to creating something that empowers others. When I approached him about running the business he had no hesitation to say yes. And it's been a great partnership thus far.

The thread that took me from that plane reading a book to now is twisted and convoluted and I still can't believe this is my reality. I continued to work to make money for a while, then sought out a job at a startup to gain experience in the chaotic environment of self-run companies. After feeling myself growing with knowledge and though still totally naive, I was ready to be free from working in one physical location.

All that was holding me back was money, but through conversation with Jon I learned he wanted someone to run Tealix. And so I made him an offer. Pay me the salary I need to live and pay my bills and I would pursue new sales to earn my keep, and run the business. And he said yes.

Now Jon has been freed up to start his next venture, Laserbird Academy, an after-school program to train the next generation of entreprenurs.

This job allows me the freedom to set my own schedule, choose where to work, inter-mix work and play time. The skills that I am gaining are hard to quantify, I feel like I have been growing into a biggggg pair of clown shoes that when I started I never believed I could fill. Sales, customer care, hiring contractors, evaluating contractor work, communicating feedback to developers, these are all new arenas for me in the past few months.

These are some images of what it has looked like to work this job as we both travel through a mix of countries: Japan, Philippines, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Guam, Thailand.

Working this way is access to living. Work is freeing in this way. Work provides the life that we dream of and it is an integrated part of daily life.

Don't settle for anything less than a working arrangement that works for you. Dream big. Create something that makes your heart soar and brings happiness to all those you share it with.


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