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What's next? Triathlon and Australia!

Custom Triathlon Suit with all my supporters!

Shirt for Connor's Run Annual Fundraiser in Australia!

It's becoming clear that I have shared a lot about what I have been doing. But I am really present to what is missing is "What I am up to now?" Next. Overall.

So what is on my radar is that on August 12 I will go compete in the USA Triathlon Nationals in Omaha! Really excited about the custom suit I have which enables all my supporters to compete with me that day!

After that, what's next is that I will be going to AUSTRALIA! That's right! Read on...

At the surface level, I am following the inner voice in me that says "Be free! Travel! Explore!"

A level below that, I am following the inner voice that says "What are you doing for the people around you? Can you give something back to them? Haven't you had a desire to heal people with touch since you were a child? Bring that to the people around you!"

In the advanced course of the Landmark curriculum for living, I created that who I am is the possibility that those around me live emotionally and physically free. Another one is that I am the freedom for people to live a life they love.

And because of that I have taken on that I am learning a healing practice. At first I thought it could be acupuncture because I had great experiences with that myself. After viiting three schools now and talking to a handful of other practitioners, I find that it is not the modality for me.

In this discovery process, I happened to find CST, cranio-sacral therapy. It's a therapy in the space of people becoming free and setting others free. It entails flexible training and listening to the bodies of the people seeking healing, and being a conduit for healing, rather than the source of it.

I feel called to develop my knowledge of CST, reiki, massage, and my own yoga practice into something I can give to others.

Connected to that, I am committing to two programs with Landmark that are directly related to my calling as a healer.

So over the next 4 months, in Brisbane, Australia, I am taking part in the Self Expression and Leadership Program, (SELP) in which I will develop the skills of operating at the level of community. I intend to bring communication, peace of mind, and new found freedom to the communities I am part of!

Secondly, I am committed to the Course Supervisor Program in which I will be trained and developed over a two year commitment in being an expert in providing what is needed. The course supervisor is the individual who supports Landmark Forum Leaders/Program Leaders to create what a forum is.

I see this training in leadership and service being totally in line with my calling in the world of healing. I see that I will get out of it a real listening for what is needed in any circumstance. A listening of people that is whole and complete, and an ability to see what is missing. A new found level of understanding I can offer, and a sharp kind of clarity in communication and vision for others.

So, finally in the space of WHERE, I am currently set to arrive to Brisbane Australia, August 23!! I have a one way ticket at this time :-) I am going to be there to complete my SELP program there in November. While I am there I will also be privileged to compete in the Connor's Run Fundraiser with RCD Foundation! It's a dream come true to attend this event and be in person with Liz and her family after being in partnership with them all these months!

After that I will be coming back to the USA and I see Austin/San Antonio TX as the place to be my "home base" for the Course Supervisor program and to learn CST.

Commitment. I am in the space of making commitments confidently and calmly because they come from a place that is true for me. It is with a sense of peace and authenticity that I can share about these plans. Feeling that my external life looks congruent with my internal self is a beautiful place. And it's so new and real and comforting. I am honored to be on this journey and to share with YOU about it.


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