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Building a body and a persona, a triathlete and an adventure, as the title says. It's been about a year and a half long journey. Last year when triathlete Olivia was "born "I never could've envisioned what she would look like a year later and what life would look like.

My life is so rich. Rich with food, nourishment, with people around me to take care of me. Mainly with the people in it, all of you are always with me. Jon, Keith, Olga, Courtney, Christopher, Shaun, Mary, Vladimir, Marvin, Hayley, Marvin, Rana, Risi, Jim, Mary, Ed, Shanti, Paige, Jeff, Mary, Justin, Daniel, Darren, Teresa, Carol, Carlos, Brian, Danny, Stephen, Raina, Richard, Alex, Miguel, Buhie, Shelly, Cynthia, Marc, Joshua, Solomon, Liz, Joshua, Lydia, Craig, Michael, Megan, Nick, Gabby, TK, Nicole, Barbara.

I see myself in the middle of it all. A blue dot on a map, a point in the face of movement and direction. For the next 24 hours it's time to finally gather it all and bring it together to perform. And the place from which I will be arriving tomorrow morning is the place of love.

I'll be arriving from the place of bringing my effort and my love for all people in my life to a head. To a showing up that truly says, you can count on me to do what I say I'm gonna do. Being selfish is easy. Being generous, being loving and giving yourself, now that's hard! When you are selfish don't have to be in action, don't have to show up. Really, people are not expecting much out of you. It seems that I've trained my community and my family and my friends to know me as somebody who shows up, who they can ask for things, who is really there.

It's a lot. And it's hard at times. But the thing is, we can do hard. And we can do new. We can do challenging. We can do expansion and extension.

The sensation that's coming up in the eve of the triathlon is one of a rebirth. A major transition. That a version of myself will no longer be needed after tomorrow at about 12 noon central time in Omaha Nebraska. This being that was created somewhere between January and August 2016. It has been creating a body that's practiced at swimming and running and biking. A mind that can become quiet in the face of a lot going on, of pain, of fear. A being powering itself and causing itself being in action. Traveling all over the country and the world. What's been created will just no longer be needed after the aforementioned time. It will no longer be called into the world by the conditions of my life.

Who my love and my life is actually calling into being is someone who is soft, subtle, beautiful, flexible! Yet at the same time powerful with the ability to call others to action, to create, to bring forth manifestations into the world. Power through taking it to the next level from a place of stability that can come from being grounded, not being on the road all the time. Power through fully being self expressed from the place of love. Though it's only a start, she is beginning. And tomorrow is the transition.

From one being, one phase, to the next.


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