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Big realizations from a small Meditation

I never believed in myself to be able to contribute at the level of community or in a big way. Wouldn't that be great I would think? To have something be possible that could impact people beyond my immediate circle of friends or my family. And even then I thought I could only bring food, or recommend good books I read or cook for them. It's pretty ironic because I used to teach college classes, but even then, I didn't feel I really made a difference.

But out of a recent training I have been a part of, I started to become present to the value I can bring to people in the world exactly as I am. I came up with the idea of having a meditation to give people the chance to connect and also experience peace of mind at the same time. The coaching program I qas in then gave us the task to go out an ask for all the things that could be necessary to launch our projects.

I engaged people in the communities in san Antonio Texas and in Brisbane Australia to invite people, shared and shared about the event and encountered struggles. so asked for space, leaders, participates. I asked and asked and

Not connecting with the owners of the space in Texas for a long time. The leader in Brisbane cancelling. Almost loosing the space in Brisbane. All the ups and downs didn't matter. The underlying commitment continued the progress

At some point I gave up having an attachment to how the event could turn out in either city. I accepted that however they happened would be perfect and that it could make a difference no matter what. And all the concerns got sorted out!

Then the day came to host the events in the two cities. People came in both places. I got to lead in Brisbane, a huge breakthrough for me. I felt so at peace and ease and filled with Joy to give the gift of peace to people.

Making a difference came naturally when I started with the commitment and grew from there. Next, this weekend I am organizing a breath work group session to have people come together and breath to release stored emotions. I took the same actions, just reaching out and making big requests of people and from there the event came together.

You can make a difference exactly as you are. Just commit and take action!

What people got:

"I learned to just listen to the soothing guided meditation and let all thoughts wash over me. I felt safe and deeply relaxed afterwards, like being in a heated pool for an hour!"


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