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souping, not knowing, staying. Because we ARE.

A block away from home yesterday as I am walking from the grocery the universe aligns and I discover souping.

Headed home, carrying my treasure trove of veggies. Pondering how to make a green veggie creamed broccoli soup to warm the people I am staying with for the day from the brisk Chicago wind that so chillingly cuts through to the bones. I look down at the sidewalk see the word “soup”! Why soup of all things! No explanation for this one, simply that is what is written.

Exclaiming I share to Jon in Texas through my headset what I see. “How did that person 10 years ago KNOW I would be walking here today on my way to make soup?!?”

The world works exactly like this. There is a propulsion beyond us, souping us all the time. Never can we KNOW what the impact Is that we are making with every moment.

simply we can only be an ingredient in the soup. That said we get to choose what ingredient.

Thats the fun part.

who has ever seen someone on the street and taken an idea from them about an outfit, hairstyle, piece of jewelry, or demeanor? simply BEing in the world we impact everyone around us. No denying being in the soup.

Amplify that a thousand fold when we actually choose to take an action! writing on the sidewalk, hugging a crying stranger in the airport, calling that person we haven’t spoken to in years, smiling at the people we love. In those actions we get to season the soup. Never knowing what our FULL effect is. Not needing to either. This is our life, this souping.

Recognition. staying. Thank you for staying, my host says to me over pancake breakfast, staying in a long gaze of the eyes for an extended time. Not sure which of the double entendre meanings he is indicating. souping again. I got that I cannot every stay too long. In this soup, staying is what it is all about. Being in the soup, staying in the soup, then really making it the most delicious soup we can.

Giving of ourselves to create others. To soup all these 7 billion beautiful humans here together with us. Don’t deny the difference YOU ARE. Rather. we are. BEcause. Be Cause. we are.

we ARE.


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