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BP: Wonder-standing

Gathering with three other women to present our bodies, we sat on the ground.

The group as women only was a new experience for me in the discovery of this practice. As well as sitting on the ground. One by one each woman stood up and presented her body.

What I discovered that day was how similar the criticisms and concerns are that we had. And how our differences were hard to find and point out.

All in a 5 year range of ages, all in a skin tone gradient that is considered similar. All single white females - no one married, no one a mother yet.

Fear about our stomach shapes, hip shapes and breast shapes.

Mainly about our stomachs or hips we all realized we had an “ideal” at some point that was flatter and narrower than what we all had. It seems this comes from idealized images of “girl” bodies in magazines? Looking at all of us we had very similar stomach and hip shapes. Maybe this is the norm I began to realize and to say.

Talking about our pussy required a new language for all of us. I introduced us to the word pussy and how we can re-claim it (see Pussy: A Reclamation - Regina Thomashaurer….life changing book!)

We spoke about menstruation and orgasms in whatever detail each would offer. About beginning these cycles in our lives and about what they are like for us now.

We spoke about eating disorders, self harm, breast dis-identification, masturbation, sex.

There were tears shed. And hugs shared at the end. Each woman had a significantly bigger smile and a light in her eyes not present before.

The End of Envy began here this day. The beginning of understanding, wonder-standing, standing in wonder of one another.


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