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My experience of my path in life is like a field of grass, taller than my head, spread before me. Any path could do when trudging forward into the unseeable future. There are no obvious trees, obstacles, rivers to cross, so any which way is as good as another right?

However, the experience in life that I have is that any which way isn’t actually as good as another. I have the experience that there is actually only really ever one path to take. It is at times as clear as a well worn deer track appearing before me. Other times it is as though the next step becomes clear only as my foot barely lights on the ground.

No matter how clear or how far in advance I can see, the path keeps emerging from the field of tall grass. Is it already there? Or do I actually make it as I go?

sometimes I do discover a stream, or a tree or an animal or a person in that grass. All of it is as it is to be. In the right place along that path, at the right time in my journey. I look for how to give up resistance anytime it arises. To accept and be grateful for whatever springs up out of the grass.

There is a beauty to trusting that this path keeps emerging. I have people comment about how much courage it must take, about how mush trust it must take. And yes it takes those things. But it doesn’t seem there is any option. I would much rather be walking along in this field than standing still. It also takes the realization that there isn’t anything to loose. That by walking forward and seeing the path emerge, there wasn’t going to be anything happening where I was that is any better than what is coming up.

In fact it seems to get better and better the further I go into the field of grass. It seems to get more exciting, and things come along that I never could have expected.

Like going to Tasmania. That is something that came up in the grass that I definitely couldn’t have seen. And it is so perfect being doqn here. The exact place to be. And I know that it’s just a step on the path in the grass. That the time will come when the next opportunity will come up, when it will be time to let go of this place too.

I keep listening. I keep my eyes open. And keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Keep not resisting whatever I discover in the grass in front of me. An the path continues to emerge.


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