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Express. Expand.

Expression of our inner selves is such a necessary part of life. Through our food, through our dress, but more than that.

Our movements, words and emotions can be so routine. I have found that people around me with outlets for their expression have tenfold the happiness and freedom as those who lack this expression.

What is it that has our bodies and souls need this expression? Where does the need for our humanity to come through originate? I struggle, and frankly just refuse to believe we are just bodies with complicated neurochemicals running the show. It seems our souls crave to be expressed in the world and that is where this desire comes from.

Through conversation, the stories we share and the way in which we convey them, our humanity gets to be voiced. Gets to live out and thrive through us.

Even more than that, the body has a need to move and to express itself in creative ways. Even if it is to move your body on walks, or move a paintbrush, or through some morning stretching. Our movement in daily life has become so rigid and confined to the necessary ones for the most part. The motion to get out of bed, to go up the stairs, to putz around the kitchen preparing breakfast.

When we open up the range of motions and hike, dance, and try new sport or classes we get to express new parts of ourselves. Research shows us that new experiences create new connections in our brains. Even though we are not just a complicated neurochemical soup in my perspective, maybe it’s through these new connections that we get to expand.

There is something so fundamentally satisfying about cooking a meal and sharing that expression of self with another. Or dancing and finding someone else’s feet moving like ours. Or having a dance party in the middle of the afternoon, as I did while writing this. Or even for me, sharing this blog with you all scratches this expression itch.

It really is like an itch. A motivation from within that is hard to explain and even harder to narrow down. Maybe that’s a fundamental piece of what has body presentations be effective too? It’s an outlet for our deep expression of self.

I’m realizing it’s also about growth. By expressing ourselves we get to stretch. To go to the next level. To raise our vibration to attract the next thing. When we aren’t moving and expressing we are sitting in stagnation.

Your thoughts? Are we actually fundamentally searching for opportunities to find our similarities or to express our differences with expression? Is it about expanding? Where does the itch come from?


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