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BP: shame.

What is it? Hiding, cowering, covering, noticing, attention, concern, business, thoughts, changing, fixing, altering, rejecting, disliking, denying, lying.

What is there when shame is gone?

Accepting, loving, appreciating, showing, displaying, peace of mind, lack of concern, openness, exposure, courage, confidence, beauty, love.

When you really get the impact of where you are at, and things aren’t working for you or working the way you want them to, the initiative and impetus to move from there gets clear. The gap is what calls us towards where we see we want to be.

Now maybe some of you think all those words up there apply only to our relationship with the physical body. NO WAY!! They apply to EVERYTHING.

Hiding our work from our boss

Lying about our ability to those around us

Concern about our performance

Fixing and changing our homes, meals, cars, etc.

Denying how things really are right now in our life

Getting free from all that creates ROOM! To pursue what we really love and want to do. What our hearts say to do. The things we have always wanted to pursue.

That’s some of the magic of body presentations. Creating that room. That freedom.

Getting free from shame gives us the ability to create. To produce. To live.


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