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BP: Natural state.

"Man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame." - Genesis 2:25

To be naked and feel no shame. To return to our natural state.

What could it be like to have that kind of freedom? What could be possible that isn’t right now? What could happen if we can create communities of people, or even return that to humanity overall?

We are all born naked, we die naked, we are actually naked every day! Even at every moment under our clothes we are naked.

I personally know it to be possible and have seen it be the case for quite a few others**. Just last week I went to the beach and changed my clothes in the parking lot, stripping naked, not concerned.

What if those rules didn’t have to be there for you? One man after doing body presentations reported loosing his fear of being found naked in his own home/room. He no longer felt a need to lock his bedroom door or even to close it when he slept naked, even when his flatmate was home. They had a conversation about it and worked out both were comfortable with that in their home.

That shame that is experienced by many humans is entirely socially conditioned. Entirely an agreement. Made up. Question this for yourself. Examine your level of comfort about being naked alone. Look at your fear about being found naked, in your bathroom, bedroom, home, public, etc. Where are you comfortable being naked? Is there anywhere you actually do spend time naked?

Ready to expand your boundaries?


Quote today from my friend Ed Epperson who gave me this work, “Doing a body presentation a few years ago was simple for me, like playing baseball. You just do it. Just hit the ball.

But it seems like with many of the people you and I share it with, it’s a miracle! Like for L (our mutual friend) we have a woman in her 50’s who went from first gear to sixth! It’s incredible!”


**People come to this comfort about being in their natural state by other means as well of course, I am just speaking about what body presentations provide here.


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