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I soar up.

*I soar up, gliding out of the depths.

so moved, the sound pours from my heart. The wailing and crying of ages from inside me, coming through to you. And to the world.

That is in me!? ME?!

Yes my dear. And in you too. In all of us.

Our ancestors danced and cried and gave birth and lived. Just like us. Just like you.

Your heart is theirs. Your blood is theirs You wouldn’t be here without them, love.

Becoming my animal self. Letting go of my picture self.

I venture deep into the warrior heart inside.

Releasing everything there, I remember it’s time to come back. To go up. Back to the sky.

*I soar up, gliding out of the depths.

My dream last night: I am under the water, in a room with a glass wall. I can see out, the kitchen with a chef hard at work. It’s like we are on display in the tank.

A phone drops into the water. I dive and retrieve it, holding it above my head.

*I soar up, gliding out of the depths.

Dancing in the sunlight this morning, I am integrating all my body.

I begin to FEEL. Really feel the music. I feel the heartbreak from missing you. The love and play and joy of when we are together.

I twirl and spin and glide. Jump and prance and shake and gyrate.

I go into my heart. Into the music, into my momentum. My love as dance. The song comes to an end.

*I soar up, gliding out of the depths.


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