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Through me to you.

Last night I led twenty two women in a gathering to share and give and let go. They are dealing with families, self doubt and trust, housing, friends, all the things that all of us are dealing with. And many of them came, because for the first time it was an opportunity to gather as a group of the feminine.

I could be with it all. I loved them all. I gathered them all. A group of us did actually. At our summons.

It’s hard to believe.

I never used to “be one of these women.”

I never could have imagined myself to be the coordinator of an event like that.

I didn’t have the connection to my own feminine to allow me to hold that space for you. But over the course of the last year, connecting to my own sexuality brought me in touch with what it is to be feminine. Connecting to my clitoris, to my pussy showed me the beauty, the love I have for the feminine.

To trust my feminine, my pussy, love my pussy. And to love myself. And now I get to love you all.

I get it now who you are as another women. Another being on this planet with a pussy. And I see you in me and me in you. such a deep and vulnerable girl, a quiet older woman, a woman dealing with struggle. I know you. I get you.

I want you to get you. Then you can get me too.

And then I come home to enjoy and to thank my feminine for who she is. And then I get to share that joy with you all again.

It’s a circle isn’t it? A circle of giving and then receiving and instantly giving again. All around. Through me to you.


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