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BP: Being With

I can feel when people are uncomfortable in their bodies. I can feel their resentment, can see the parts they resist and ignore. I can feel when someone isn't present to me because they are feeling their own body instead.

Longingly I admire someone from afar, across the aisle. Then he shifts his body and moves his hips. Does he know? Does he know that I desired him and that he was moving as a result?

This kind of connection and deep knowing is present for people innately. But we forget.

Eye contact. Is it something you avoid or seek out - what does it give you? What does it tell you?

Are you the first to look away or are they? Do you get who you are looking at or do you get stuck over here in your thoughts?

Give it away. Give away the gift of being seen. Then what happens?

In body presentations a newfound kind of peace comes along with eye contact. There is not the same fear of being seen. Really seen. It has people be free, be available for life, be ready for anything that life brings us.

Keeping that kind of eye contact for a long time also seems to be a practice developed in meditation, deep reflection and contemplation and other modality such as that.

The kind of eye contact possible from body presentations is a fully unique kind from what I have witnessed.

There is no longer a need to hide away. To shy away. To run, to turn, to avoid.

People sometimes hide their eyes at a traffic light, in the cafe, etc. Be there! Be with people! They are dying to be with you!

What is it that has us hide out? What is it inside us that is so dangerous to let out.

When we can just be together. Exactly as we are. The thoughts are gone, the fear can be gone, it’s like an allowing.

And all that I get present to is LOVE.

I feel like you really saw me. Yes, I really do. I really see you. I really be with you.

It’s worth it. It’s the best gift ever being with people that way. Nothing in the way.

Only love.


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