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BEE Yourself - Larisa Pavlov, on beekeeping in Indiana

My sister recently started keeping bees. What a powerful woman she is! I just can’t get over how incredible she is. And how for so many years I wanted her to have an outlet for her expression in the world. And now she has it! 

I want that kind of self expression for everyone, so get your daily quota of inspiration by checking out this interview on my blog, Pavlov’s Blog. 

What’s better than 1 Pavlov? Well 2 of course! (Love you Marvin, that’s a Marvin style joke for you.)

*A big part of the article is about “SELP” or the Self Expression and Leadership Program. This is a training program offered by Landmark Worldwide that my sister is currently taking. I am not promoting Landmark or their programs by sharing this. Only my sister’s experience and how inspiring she is. 

Why are you doing this? 

Because I always wanted to learn about bee keeping. I ant to integrate this into a job about sustainable community development and reduce food deserts. 

How do bees help to reduce food deserts?

They are natural pollinators in a 3 mile radius of the hive. 

Where can you put the hive? 

It doesn’t have to be in a garden. It just can’t be by the road. And needs to have natural barriers so the bees fly up when they leave the hive. 

What kind of natural barriers do you have at your hive? There are all kinds of things. Blueberry bushes, a chicken coop. I think this hive is actually going in the chicken coop, they have a great symbiotic relationship. 

What? Bees and chickens? How!?

Yes the chickens eat the bugs that bother the bees!

How is this project fulfilling for you? 

I am growing and learning and knowing new people. Next I am going to work with students starting in June for a 4 week training program. The students get a paid internship. Part is about bee keeping, 1 week is about chickens, 1 week about environmental sustainability, and 1 week on money making. 

How did you get the freedom to be doing this? From having this as a lifelong desire to actually doing it??

On the first day of SELP I asked myself what was interesting and what would be challenging. Then I joined the Central Indiana Beekeepers association, joined the Bee School in Indianapolis, got connected with Troy at the Bee meetings, who connected me tight the Good food network. Just all about connections. 

Yea but what shifted for you? 

I realized I can’t get in my own way anymore. 

Can you see what the internal conversation was that was was stopping you?

I think it was something like I can’t do this. I am not equipped, I am not qualified. Like being an imposter. I don’t live in a food desert, and I am not even black!

Ahh that’s amazing. Where else does that dialogue show up? 

In career searching,  but now I can share with people, send letters of inquiry and take those steps. 

What would you say to other people about what they can do to have this freedom?

Look at what stops you, and then try it on! Apply for things! Even if it seems small, it’s not really small. 

so ongoing now what are you doing?

Once a week I have to check on the bees, treat the hives, replace the boxes once they start making honey. 

Do bees make honey year round? 

yes, they do, it’s less in the winter because they have to keep the hive warm too. 

How do they do that? 

By flapping their wings! They keep the hive around 90 degrees Farenheight. 

What do you want the world to know? 

Do the SELP! You never know what’s possible. Try not to kill the bees. If they’re in a place they aren’t supposed to BEE (she laughs) like a house or a barn contact your local bee keeper. 

I love you Larisa Pavlov. Keep on BEE-ing amazing! 


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