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Clarity is something fleeting for me.

It comes and goes. I feel it at times and others not so much.

Bread makes it fuzzy sometimes. Lack of sleep. Lack of physical touch, exercise, hugs, smiles, sunshine.

I’ve found that clarity increases if I feel nourished, not necessarily only with food.

Things that nourish me and feed my hunger that aren’t food:





Exercise at a moderate level - long walks, running, pullups/strength training

Being in the presence of people I love that it’s effortless to be with


Exploring new places

Dancing/doing contact improve


Cleaning my physical space

These activities all feed the desire inside of me to be busy or to do something. To feel useful. They bring clarity, they bring purpose, they bring ease and love and grace.

I have committed myself to doing at least 5 of these per day, usually more, to nourish myself.

This is been a huge part of my routine in the morning. This self love and grounding is necessary for me. Even at the expense of other things at times.

Where do you find nourishment and clairty?


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