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Clearing: Getting out of my way about money

(Pictured above, a feather found in Greece, a sage stick from my friend. Read more about using sage to cleanse, clear and open up, or get in touch to buy a stick HERE).

I’ve been having a breakthrough lately about finances. Between December 2017 and now I went from using a credit card and not having any income, to paying these debts off, having an income better than I have had in my life and being able to contribute to others!

I realized recently that an inauthentic way of being for me is that I want to take responsibility for the prosperity, or lack thereof, of the people around me.

But I declare here there is NO truth in that.

In fact, all I can do is give away the keys that have been working for me in this breakthrough lately: Gratitude, Courage, Abundance Mentality, Sharing.


Honestly, I had to learn all my lessons myself to have them stick for me and really work. Months passed after doing a life changing personal development course until I got courageous enough to admit my current state of finances wasn’t working. I was waiting for someone to come save me.

What had happened to get to that point?

In less than a year, I went from having a triple digit double income in my marriage to a single person’s income that had me barely meeting my monthly expenses, to not earning at all and accumulating debt on my credit cards for the first time in my life.

It felt hopeless, I didn’t see a path forward. I didn’t want to work for anyone else, I didn’t have any job offers, didn’t know how to get more coaching clients. Felt totally stuck.

After about 3 months of that, I could see that nothing was going to change unless I took action. In a course all about communication in January, I realized that at the age of 5 when my parents got divorced I looked at their two paths and decided that in terms of Money you could either:

1 - Earn a lot of money, have lots of hours in the office and not enjoy that life


2 - Earn barely enough, not have nice things, and that would make you happy and “good/spiritual/in touch with God”

Obviously I was in #2!

The moment I saw through that blind spot, it all crumbled and I realized I had plenty of evidence of people, even ME making good money for the things that made us happy!

After that I had freedom and started to put practices in place to get to this point now. Out of these practices, I began to have job offers come to me. I had people start to contribute to me. I got creative about cooking and saving money. I started to look at new opportunities and be open to different jobs. New actions became available I never could have seen before.

All I know is that these are things that have brought abundance, raised my income, had me pay off debts, in my own experience. I can’t promise they work for you, but they are also well supported by other spiritual teachers and powerful figures I follow (One of my favorites, Gala Darling, check her out!).


Here are some practices that have been working for me:

  • GRATITUDE - Express gratitude daily. Or even more frequently! I also use any negative state (fear, frustration, anger, feeling blocked) as a key to trigger me to be grateful.

  • COURAGE - try the things you want to do but think you “never could”! I decided to explore a couple of new jobs that I had wanted to do for a long time but thought “I wasn’t a fit for” like being a dancer in a club. I gave up that belief, got courageous, jumped in and tried it anyhow. I’ve been loving it, and having fun not to mention that the courage is bringing a financial reward.

  • ABUNDANCE MENTALITY - Find an abundance manifesto/statement that lights you up and read it aloud daily! Or even create one. Include sentences like “I can afford anything I desire.” Or “I am grateful for all I am ready to receive and all I am ready to give.” Or “I accept the bountiful blessings of the universe.”

  • SHARING - verbally express your desires, dreams and gratitude to another person! Find a partner and create together daily, weekly, or as often as you like about the things you are intending, committed to and ready to have happen next. Get to them about the breakdowns to these dreams too. Having a couple accountability partners has made a HUGE difference!


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