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The Call

It is back today. The deep call to Greece. That feeling that I am heartbroken to be anyplace else. I have to go back there.

The coming and the going. I need it. Or some pice of me does.

Questioning if it is authentic.

The depths of my heart call me out and away. To disconnect, or rather to open to all kinds of connection. And those are the moments and the places I feel the most alive, the most free, true to myself.

But at times I don’t listen when I get the call. And I find myself in a warm embrace, or in a kitchen where I know where everything is, or already feeling the familiar texture of the skin on the leg of the human next to me.

And there is such comfort in that too.

I then ponder, is it better to know, or to not know? To be here or to be apart? Why do I keep creating the question like it has to be an either/or?

That is the non reality of it at the end of the day.

I know the reality is that it is an AND. I can have both. And when I am in one I long for the other. When I am in the other I long for the one.

A magic feather sage smudging wand gifted to me by my friend Sha Manasage. Totally NOT a coincidence that it matches this beautiful headband also a gift created by the magical Hannah Baek Wha! Read more about smudging and get one here:


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