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Plant beauty

Is it the same as any other kind?

Can I get my heart to open any further?

Like learning to do the splits. The only way is to feel the stretch. Know I am at the edges of my present range.

Deep desire to love and touch.

Can’t contain the affection some days. Most days.

Creating that oath of manifestation. I keep creating it and the abundance grows further and further.

Then it has me stop, or slow the rate of calling it in. Hard to believe it can get better.

But h*$# yea Universe let’s crank this up! Bring it on, the firehose of experience, of abundance, of giving and receiving.

I am longing to feel her, the magical universe.

Make me your art dear life, take me to your heavens. I am ready for you to fill my cup.

Connected to the plants and the animals all around me. Feeling their energy and vital force emanating out.

I ground from a meal and then keep flying.

The sweet fruits of the earth propel me back up. High after high I dive in and out of the levels of consciousness. Of the fires. The flames the ecstatic moments of connection.


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