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BP: Book Updates

This week I submitted my first manuscript to an editor and publisher! Thanks Lyna Rose for the recommendation!

I discovered a few days ago that I am in internal processor. I do things alone/mentally and then share them at the end stage of development! One of those things has been writing this book. I posted about it in January HERE, but haven’t said much since.

The best explanation why is to avoid failure or perceived failure. If I keep it to myself then there is no one watching if it happens or not.

To train myself for a new way of operating I am letting you in. Keeping in touch. Talking about things in progress.


The book I have been working on became two books this week.

One of poems - a lonely book of sorts. The other of love and unity and oneness - about relating to others, body presentations, sex and intimacy.

These are the two parts of myself.

At times coming from one or the other I am unsure of the truth of either. I question how can there be such a duality going on here.

The lonely me that avoids people and likes to sit on the train alone at night to think and write. The me that goes to the park alone and sits on the porch to meditate.

Then there is the me that longs for groups. That kisses multiple people in one day. That goes from back to back meet ups with friends because I just can’t get enough of these beautiful creatures around me. That gives time and keeps going and going till the last customer leaves at the club knowing one last person may want to connect.

These are the two parts.

And no wonder they have come out as such different books. They are both going to be released by the end of the year as digital and hard copies. The book on oneness and relationships is going to be illustrated by a friend. The second, the poetry book is going to include prints by me. Textures of the words. A mixing and matching.

This is the vision. It’s becoming reality currently.

Feeling myself growing as I learn more about my own operating system.


Your thoughts? Do you have a duality like this? How does it come out?


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