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Burning Man Level 1

Finally I’m ready to share about Burning Man. It’s such an experiential event that the 2D doesn’t begin to grasp it. Attempt one ensues to give what stood out to me in the sensory. That was the first and most obvious level. What I got from the sensory aspect was a feeling of having a new body. A new ability to be ok under pressure or more diverse and intense conditions. So that coming back and having a shower and a bed and a constant supply of food feels luscious. Learning how to treat my body well no matter what the circumstances. Feeling my senses awakened fully.


Imagine full sensory overload constantly.

Sounds - a cacophony of audio tracks undistinguished blasting and ricocheting off the surrounding mountains.

Sight - sparkles, shiny skin, dusty skin, art and art cars of never before imagined creations and shapes abound, set against a backdrop of the most delicate white/purple/blue/grey pastel sand and beige blue sky. Transformed twice a day to a smearing of pink, orange, and yellow sorbet colors when the sun passes the horizon line.

Touch - the dust constantly provides tactile stimulation. Hitting or glazing the skin, sometimes feeling dry, other times stinging, the clothing all new fabrics found haphazardly around the playa and crafted into a costume of the day. So much body work. Hugs, kisses and massage abound daily nearly hourly.

Taste - food takes a back burner - the occasional discovery of a beautiful vegan ice cream or a single sip of iced coffee, some dates or fruits during the day bring a burst of flavor to the palate. The taste of the playa dust gratefully interrupted. At night hunger returns. Tahini, smoothies, feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes. Some of the favorite flavors of the night.

Smells - I can smell what the neighbors are cooking from all around. People smell lovely in the desert. Not stinky, but mellow, toned down scents compared to other climates. Sweeter, softer. The steam bath at camp keeps us all silky, a daily or twice daily necessity. Coconut or sesame oil constantly reapplied to my skin lingers with me everywhere. Essential oils, cigarette smoke, the smell of a joint being smoked frequently all enter and pass.


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