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What I learned at Burning Man

1. Let it go. I don’t need to have such a structure especially about tracking my daily performance goals (meditation, yoga, etc). All the important things get done in a day because I love them so much.

2. Be as affectionate as you like! Share all the love. Share without stopping.

3. I can hear exactly where to go and what to do at all times. When things “don’t go my way” it’s never actually that. It wasn’t meant to happen and the mistake is making it wrong when that happens and not accepting how it is.

4. People are people. I can’t tell anything about who they are, what they can and can’t do, what’s possible for them. If I ask what’s important or how they spend their time I begin to find out.

5. I love all the people. The ones who are exceptional line walkers. The game changes. The creative makers. The fearless ones.

6. Fear - facing, encountering, playing on the edge of, toying with it. One is the most important tools for getting to the breakthroughs.

7. Love is Love. 💕💧🌈🔥


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