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Live Love: what does it mean?

I am “Live Love” or “Liv Love.”

But what does that mean? Love is a big one. We all have our baggage about it. Our views, our past, our opinions. Maybe when you hear Live Love you think about hippies and free sex or maybe you think it sounds frivolous or happy go lucky, or maybe you hear something deeper. Last year a partner pointed to this phrase being in my name. And it aligned perfectly with what I was creating in the world around me. So I kept her, grew into her, began to define her and most importantly to BE her. And if you’ve experienced me in person (or maybe even from afar) you most likely know who I am to YOU. What did we share? A long gaze. Awesome hugs. Crazy adventurousness. A massage. Quick minded humor. Lots of affection. A sexual experience. A shared challenging run or workout. A dance. That’s part of it. More importantly, what was it like for you? Exceptional. Triggering. Annoying. Other worldly. Deep. Loving. Hard to summarize. Energetic. Creative. Being seen. All these could be true. Are true. They really happened and you really felt what you felt. You perceived me the way you did. No denying it. But it’s your subjective experience. And I could go down a rabbit hole to gain evidence that many people experience me a certain way. But the thing is.... does even that make it true? Is that really me? Nope. It’s still fiction. And get this- what I’m coming from is that none of it matters. At the end of the day I can only choose my message for me, and that’s all that matters. My friend PJ put it perfectly, “All of this about liberation. Going back to the place of pure love.” Live Love is: BEing love in the world. Some principles that Liv Love standards for: Loving beyond an identity. Fearless self expression. Embodied living - physically living rather than mentally living. Being present. Exploration and constant learning. Letting down the drawbridge of our hearts. All of that has me show up in the world and create Liv Love moments. Those experiences we share that I pointed to above. And it’s my experience I’m guided to places and people to create them with. That’s where I’m at with her today. Stay tuned. Love, Liv  


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