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Healing men healing women

I could write a book about what has happened for me in Guatemala.


In fact I think I will.

However for now, there is a special message for you all to receive. So here it is.


That’s my offering in this world. It’s a cyclical pattern and I have been learning all about healing here and cycles. The group of people here have been amazing.

There is a fundamental truth that hasn’t been felt in the world in a long time.

Its the full purpose of our sexuality.

Healing and manifestation are two fundamental benefits and purposes of our sexuality. Ancient cultures needed this and it’s a massive piece of ancient societies, and a big part of the explanation of how miraculous things happened long ago.

Think about Jesus, and think about the Pyramids and about the Mayans. That’s all part of it.

I got the message of the image above in a women’s course a few months back, and here it is fully coming into existence.


I am in the kitchen and I hear Mikaal yelling, I run to him and see him surrounded by two concentric circles of people. I rush to the center circle and realize it’s all men, then I back up to the next circle out and that’s where the women are.

I hear him invoke us to express and let go of our anger, our grief, our everything we don’t need. We do.

Then we move into a circle of women facing out and men facing in. We sing the Ho'o Pono Pono “Thank you, I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me.”

After that I lead us all out into a line facing one another and we fully revel in that healing that is available by gazing into the eyes of another.


There were so many wounds that got brought up, and also so so so much healing.

I said after all was finished, that it was the last day for an old paradigm to come through. That it was the end of a time of hurt and anger and darkness between the masculine an the feminine. It opened up a new avenue to be able to let the healing happen for the world.

This is what I am expanding this year and am going to be coming from as the year goes on.


It’s endless.

How can we heal one another. How can we show up for this healing: How can we truly offer our selves. Questions to explore.

NOT our “selves”

to be of service for this healing? Do you feel it for “yourself”? Are you party of this journey? What have you felt around this before?


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