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I’m from the world.

How long have you been here? Where were you last week? Why are you going to _______ country? Are you on holiday or are you living here? These are all questions that I deeply struggle with and I’m also jasked on the regular. They come from a context where home is one place, nationality is another, and reasons dictate the going and coming. But, I hate to tell you, and most likely if you’re reading this you already know, that’s not the world I live in. Explaining that I follow my intuition about where she wants me to go, can be a bit challenging if this is not a first-hand experience for people in their own lives yet. But I deeply the challenge of exposing people to another way of thinking. And living the way that I do provides me with opportunities to expand the ideas of what’s possible for other People. My Uber driver said “You must make really good money doing what you’re doing.” In part this is true, but what’s more true is that I’m willing to stop at nothing. I’m willing to say I’ll go somewhere or visit a country before I know how it’s possible. And I’m also not too worried about what if it doesn’t happen. I currently own a one-way ticket from Sydney Australia to New Delhi India that I haven’t used nor know when I will use it. Last July I thought I was supposed to go to India so I purchased the ticket. A series of events led me to stay in Australia and ultimately grow the business I have now to the next level doing sexual healing sessions with people. Somebody once said to me, “you just don’t make a big deal about getting your body from one place to another do you?” That’s exactly right. It seems paramount to me in this lifetime to live in a world where we don’t make such a big deal about the boundaries between one country and another. Where we don’t get hung up on limitations of time and space. Where we truly get that our desire and our imagination is the limit. So, that’s where I’m at right now. Creating the border-less world. When people ask me where are you right now I’m going to start to just answer “I’m in the world. I’m on earth!” Where is your heart asking you to go? Where would you go if there were no limits? 


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