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Breathing in, I feel like I’m an endless source of love and energy. Feeling like I’ve got a well stored up in me waiting to flow into any other person.  

We flow our waters together when we talk. When we look when we breathe. Letting ourselves blend this deeper when we breathe. When we can blend this way, the mind quiets, we get out of our own world, things expand for us. Better than meds. Better than chocolate. Connection is a powerful medicine. Breath is not just our connection to life. It’s access to our connection to others too. Simple paired Breathwork to try with anyone: Sit cross legged facing one another. Place your hands on your knees face up. Point to your left eyes and keep your gaze focused on your partners left eye. Choose a leader and a follower. Begin to breath together at the leader’s pace for 10 breaths keeping that eye contact. Close your eyes, shake, wiggle, relax. Repeat with the other person leading the breath. Close your eyes, shake, wiggle, relax. Now join hands with your thumbs facing your own left. The left hand should face up and the other down. This creates balanced giving and receiving. Again starting with the first leader go through 10 breaths. Take a break. Then second leader 10 breaths and close by thanking one another. How do things move for you with this? How do you feel different? Opened up?


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