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I’ve got shit to share.

Sitting at service in Agape yesterday I was so moved by how small I play my life. By how much juice I have and that flows through me and how much I’ve kept to myself. No more. It’s time. I’ve gotta share this all with you. Big theme lately has been generating my own happiness chemicals. That’s been a big piece of my work. As a teen and a child I was depressed on and off so much so that at 15 I ran away from home thinking happiness would be “out there” somewhere else. I was so unhappy I was willing never to see my family again and was smoking weed every day to feel ok in life. Out of necessity I ended up quitting smoking weed abruptly when I was sent to detention center. I struggled with depression there and after I left having deep days of despair. I ended up being able to numb myself thoroughly and built a tough shell just to get by. I always thought there had to be something else possible though. I remembered being joyous as a very young girl before school started And wondered where that went, what happened. Spirit came in and got me meditating daily in 2015 and within a year I had quit my job left my marriage and started to feel again. I felt really lost though. But I was feeling. Since then some of my biggest tools that I’ve learned have been breath work, Reiki, Tantric sexuality practices and dance for moving my emotions. All of these balance my own brain chemicals get me feeling AMAZING naturally. I can tell when I wake up how much time I’ll need to get clear. Some days I’m clear already some days need a few hours of practice. If you want to learn some of these techniques I can coach you or you can come to a work shop I offer. Next one will be a shame repase practice called body presentations the last week of July I’m LA. Link here. 


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