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Live your best life.

As I started my morning on the beach a block from my house I was struck by how unlikely it was that I would ever end up here. Three years ago on a morning like that one I would’ve been dressed in a suit and commuting one hour to work to sit at an office chair for nine hours to go home commuting another hour home and watch TV and go for a run before bed. As I walk on the beach I reflect how incredible it was to make these kind of huge transformations in the last two years. I started my own business. I have a non-monogamous relationship. Mothering 2 kids. Spending my days in love and beauty. Dancing everywhere I go. Feeling deeply and being open to my feelings. If I had to trace it back to one thing it would be doing a personal development course called the landmark forum. Google it. I did this in early 2017 shortly after I left my marriage. In that course I saw how I was able to make change and really be living my best life. In that course I discovered that any mismatch between what I wanted and what I had simply came down to limiting beliefs I formed in my life. I was really willing to see those beliefs and be honest with myself about where I was unhappy and what I really wanted. As time went on I grew to be confident that I could close that gap. Since then, over the last few years I’ve spent my days working on looking for limiting beliefs, being honest about them and their existence and clearing them from my life. And surrounding myself with people who will do the same. Everything I have in this moment and everything about how I’m living is 100% self-made. I didn’t get lucky, win the lottery, or wind up this way. I’ve made it this way. At a dinner party in Montreal I was introduced to the phrase #LiveYourBestLife I hadn’t heard about that phrase but apparently it’s very popular among millennials. My partner Anthony and the other people at the dinner party with me reflected that I seem to be doing this. Living my best life. I one-hundred percent agree. It comes down to not settling for anything less than my highest good. Sometimes my highest good means compromising. Sometimes it means doing the laundry even when I just want to go lie on the beach. But sometimes it means leaving those dirty dishes in the sink and getting my butt to that yoga class. I don’t think it’s just a phase. And I don’t think my generation is crazy. I deeply know in my heart of hearts that the time has come in this world for each and everyone of us to truly live our best life. The time of working hard and grinding away for retirement is over. You can have your best life now. Or begin building it now. And I have no doubt that anything you want in your life is possible. Need some guidance? Need some coaching? I’m here. I’ll point you in the right direction. Or at least hear you wherever you’re at.  


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